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What to know about Help Me Ronda, LLC

Help Me Ronda, LLC ("HMR")  provides virtual accounting services to businesses and individuals.  Our experienced professional accountants provide top-tier client accounting services.  Our client profile include various industries such as not-for-profit organizations, construction, manufacturing, government entities & contractors, real estate professionals, social media influencers, doctors, attorneys, daycare providers, and more. We possess the skills and knowledge to handle all of your accounting needs. We are ready to tackle any financial challenge that you may have as your trusted certified public accountants.

Meet the Owner

IMG_2960 (1).JPG

Sharonda Meekins, MSA, CPA,  is the owner of Help Me Ronda, LLC. Sharonda has been in the accounting industry for 10+ years.  Sharonda is passionate about sharing her accounting knowledge awhile establishing and growing client relationships. As the owner and operator of the business, she makes it a priority to continue to deliver top-tier client accounting services. She is determined to assist each client on their journey to increase financial performance awhile retaining earnings. 

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