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Interested in Bookkeeping Services? 

Accurate bookkeeping is essential for compliance with tax regulations, making informed business decisions, securing financing, and demonstrating financial transparency to stakeholders. Many businesses use accounting software to streamline bookkeeping processes and maintain up-to-date financial records efficiently.

Bookkeeping Packages

  • Bookkeeping Clean-up

    Valid for one year
    • Account reconciliations
    • Annual financial report
    • Discounted business tax preparation
    • Discounted accounting consultations
  • Platinum Package

    Every month
    • Account reconciliations
    • Basic monthly financial reports
    • Annual financial performance analysis
    • Business tax preparation service included
    • Quarterly accounting consultations included
  • Diamond Package

    Every month
    • Account reconciliations
    • Detailed monthly financial reports
    • Quarterly financial performance reviews
    • Business tax preparation service included
    • Annual tax planning report
    • Accounting consultations included

Add-on Services

Virtual Admin Assistance

We provide virtual administrative assistance for small businesses. This is an add-on service for the bookkeeping packages. Our administrative services include customized formal agreements, QuickBooks setup, invoicing, and other miscellaneous admin services.

Save 30% on QuickBooks

valid for the first 6 months

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